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Technical information related to using the website

Put your event on the map: it is easy!

1. Click the Location tab in the Event creation form.

2. Click on the field named "Location lookup" and start typing the address. Say, you host event at the White House. Start typing "Washington". The wizard will immediately catch up and provide you with the list of compatible locations. Continue typing "White house" and the desired place will come up shortly.

We are happy to announce that we have just published the newly furbished Glossary of Karst and Cave Terms. Based on "A Lexicon of Cave and Karst Terminology with Special to Environmental Karst Hydrology", Speleogenesis Glossary includes at the moment 2699 cave & karst terms. We also added a feature that will make it possible fro registered members with appropriate access level to create and publish new karst and cave terms. As an addition to Karstbase this tool will improve the value of the Speleogenesis initiative to share knowledge among karst and cave researchers around the world. Glossary is followed by a list of references so that those terms that have a link enclosed in [parenthesis] can be referred to the list below.

From now on, registered members of the Speleogenesis website can directly publish their news regarding events, publications, research projects and initiatives, or other relevant topics.

To post your news, please log in, go to the Member Area and click “Post news” menu in the “My Feedback” box.  You’ll see the online editor page which offers comprehensive set of tools and options to make the editing quick and easy (for some “technical” tips see this page).

Dear Member of the Speleogenesis Network,

I’m delighted to announce important new developments in Speleogenesis website which greatly improve its functionality and enhance services provided for website members. 

The update of the website has primarily concentrated on basic functionality of the templating engine and overall design. The site is now more stable and more secure. Much work has been done to make sure that in the future it will be easy to add new functionalities and provide better services to members of the Speleogenesis community. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the new design of Speleogenesis website.

Dear Speleogenesis Members,

The Speleogenesis Team is pleased to announce another important development on the website: a new Speleogenesis Calendar is now operative, in which karst/cave science events (conferences, symposia, meetings, etc.) of international significance are represented.

The new Calendar has inherited the event database from the old Calendar, which had been operative at the now abandoned Speleogenesis Network platform, so that it contains information on 147 karst/cave science events since 2004. You may use “Search” on the Calendar page to locate any of the past events info. But certainly the most important function is to organize and represent information on future events.