UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

Today, after  Dr. Armin Margane (Germany) has registered with the Speleogenesis website, the number of members of the Speleogenesis Community has reached 800. Welcome, Dr. Margane, and thanks for joining!  

The Speleogenesis membership has more than doubled during last three years, and increased by 100 during last five month, which indicates that the site and the UIS KHS Commission (now together with the IAH Karst Commission) successfully perform their roles in fostering the development of karstology and geospeleology, and in facilitating international cooperation and information exchange in these fields.

We have developed a lot of important services in the Speleogenesis site, and many tools that allow members to directly participate in information exchange and resource development. I would like to use this occasion to encourage members to actively use these tools. For your convenience, access to most of them is assembled in your Member Area, which you can enter whenever you have logged in. Please, explore the site and help us to make it more useful and attractive. An important new development will come soon – a powerful instrument for organizing and running of different kinds of projects. Stay with Speleogenesis!

Best wishes!


Alexander Klimchouk