UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

Dear Speleogenesis Members,

The Speleogenesis Team is pleased to announce another important development on the website: a new Speleogenesis Calendar is now operative, in which karst/cave science events (conferences, symposia, meetings, etc.) of international significance are represented.

The new Calendar has inherited the event database from the old Calendar, which had been operative at the now abandoned Speleogenesis Network platform, so that it contains information on 147 karst/cave science events since 2004. You may use “Search” on the Calendar page to locate any of the past events info. But certainly the most important function is to organize and represent information on future events.

Events are shown both in a calendar (one can browse it back and forth) and in a list formats. The nearest upcoming event is always shown at the top of the Calendar page.

The important feature of the new Calendar is that any Speleogenesis member can post event information at the Calendar using the My Event” option at the member area (look for it in the “Networking” block).

(Please, note that your information will appear in the Calendar after being reviewed and approved by the admin. We reserve the right to delete event announces which are not relevant to the karst/cave field or are not of international significance).

After publishing your initial event announce in the Calendar, you may edit and/or update information at any time as the event preparation progresses and more details became available (i.e. adding a second circular info to the first circular published earlier).  You can format your information nicely and add images to it, using online editor tools. In fact, one can use the event page on the Speleogenesis Calendar as a kind of a simple conference webpage – the advantage is that this webpage will be in the very right place, within the most comprehensive information system on international karst/cave science events.

When it comes to announce a conference or a symposium which you think to organize, or are already working on, the Speleogenesis Calendar is the first place to do this.

Yours sincerely,

Alexander Klimchouk & Alexey Kopchinsky