UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

Dear friends,

It is with pleasure that we announce that the Special Issue of  Geomorphology (ISSN 0169-555X) on "Recent developments in Surface and Subsurface  Karst Geomorphology" is about to be printed. This issue collects some of the  papers presented during the Karst Geomorphology session at the European  Geological Union Assembly at Vienna 2007 and some invited papers.

The contents are already downloadable in the Elsevier's websites  (ScienceDirect).

We hope this issue will make cave and karst science better known in the  scientific community.

Many thanks to all the authors and referees that have made this special  issue possible.

Best wishes

Jo De Waele

Philippe Audra

Lukas Plan



Volume 106,  issues 1-2,   May  2009

Special  Issue

Recent  developments in surface and subsurface karst  geomorphology

Guest editors Jo De Waele, Philippe Audra and  Lukas Plan


Recent developments in surface and subsurface  karst geomorphology: An introduction

Pages 1-8

Jo De Waele, Lukas  Plan, Philippe Audra

On concepts and methods for the estimation of  dissolutional denudation rates in karst areas

Pages 9-14

Franci  Gabrovsek

Solution weathering rate and origin of karst  landforms and caves in the quartzite of Auyan-tepui (Gran  Sabana, Venezuela)

Pages 15-25

Leonardo Piccini,  Marco Mecchia

Morphology and origin of coastal karst  landforms in Miocene and Quaternary carbonate rocks along the central-western  coast of Sardinia (Italy)

Pages 26-34

Jo De Waele, Mauro  Mucedda, Luca Montanaro

The role of loamy sediment  (terra rossa) in the context of steady state karst surface  lowering

Pages 35-45

France Sustersic, Klement Rejsek, Miha  Misic, Frantisek Eichler

The effect of river dynamics  induced by the Messinian Salinity Crisis on karst landscape and caves: Example  of the Lower Ardeche river (mid Rhone valley)

Pages  46-61

Ludovic Mocochain, Philippe Audra, Georges Clauzon, Olivier  Bellier, Jean-Yves Bigot, Olivier Parize, Philippe Monteil

Modelling karst geomorphology on different time  scales

Pages  62-77

Georg Kaufmann

Bats and bell holes: The microclimatic impact  of bat roosting, using a case study from Runaway Bay Caves, Jamaica

Pages 78-85

Joyce  Lundberg, Donald A. McFarlane

Evidence of inception horizons in karst conduit networks

Pages 86-99

Marco Filipponi,  Pierre-Yves Jeannin, Laurent Tacher

Morphogenesis of hypogenic  caves

Pages 100-117

Alexander Klimchouk

Constraints on alpine  speleogenesis from cave morphology ? A case study from the eastern Totes Gebirge  (Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria)

Pages 118-129

Lukas Plan,  Marco Filipponi, Michael Behm, Robert Seebacher, Peter Jeutter

A mid Miocene to early Pleistocene multi-level  cave as a gauge for tectonic uplift of the Swabian Alb (Southwest  Germany)

Pages 130-141

M. Strasser, A.  Strasser, K. Pelz, H. Seyfried

Cyclic sedimentation in  Brazilian caves: Mechanisms and palaeoenvironmental significance

Pages  142-153

Augusto S. Auler, Peter L. Smart, Xianfeng Wang, Luis B. Pilo, R.  Lawrence Edwards, Hai Cheng

Gravitational deformations and  fillings of aging caves: The example of Qesem karst system,  Israel

Pages 154-164

Amos Frumkin, Panagiotis Karkanas, Miryam  Bar-Matthews, Ran Barkai, Avi Gopher, Ruth Shahack-Gross, Anton Vaks