UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

Since 1993, International Karstological Schools have been organised, covering many aspects of karst research. The basic idea of the School has been to present the state of the art in selected topics and promote discussion between participants via set of lectures, poster sessions and related field trips to the area of Slovene Classical karst.

Research in the last two decades has contributed new findings in many topics of these past schools. Therefore, the 20th IKS is an opportunity to review our current understanding of typical karst forms and processes, stress the research advances in the last two decades and define challenges and perspectives for the next generation.



Postojna, June 18th to 23rd 2012

organised by
Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU

The work will include
- Invited keynote lectures covering wide range of topic
- selected lectures by other participants
- poster presentations
- fieldwork

The topics will cover- processes and forms on karst surface and caves in different setting
- role of dissolution, sediment tranport, tectonics, climate and life in karst morphogenesis
- regional karst development
- man’s impact on karst

Who should be interesting in participating:
Senior and junior karst researchers, students, managers of karst resources and other people interested in karst phenomena.

Program outline

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday, June 18th Sessions Poster session Field trip
Tuesday, June 19th Sessions Field trip  
Wednesday, June 20th Sessions Field trip  
Thursday, June 21st Whole day excursion Whole day excursion Gala reception
Friday, June 22nd Whole day excursion, Classical karst Whole day excursion, Classical karst  
Saturday, June 23rd Departure, optional field trip    


The registration will be opened on February 15th and closed on April 30th. Registration will be only online, payment instructions will be given on the web site. Registration fee must be covered at registration. Link to registration and other information will be active at the Institute’s web site http://izrk.zrc‐sazu.si/en starting February 15th.
The registration fee is 100 EUR. It includes conference materials, refreshments during coffee breaks, participation at gala reception and at all excursions. The fee for the undergraduate students is 20 EUR.

The official language of the event is English and Slovene. The abstracts must be submitted in English along with the registration. The participant's preferred mode of presentation (i.e. poster/oral) will be considered by the organiser. Selected papers will be published in Acta Carsologica.

The Second Circular including the detailed programme of the School will be out by May 10th, 2012.

The School is supported by:
Slovenian Research Agency, Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO, Scientific Research Centre SAZU, Commune of Postojna, Postojnska jama d.d. and Škocjan Caves Park.

All the information is available at:
Titov trg 2
SI ‐ 6230 Postojna
Tel.: (+386) 5 70 019 00; Fax: (+386) 5 70 019 99; E‐mail: izrk@zrc‐sazu.si
Web: http://izrk.zrc‐sazu.si/en

Principal contacts:
Dr. Andrej Mihevc, mihevc@zrc‐sazu.si
Dr. Franci Gabrovšek, gabrovsek@zrc‐sazu.si