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Dublyansky, Y.V.
Klimchouk, A.; Sasowsky, I.; Mylroie, J.; Engel, S.A.; Engel, A.S.
Hypogene speleogenesis – discussion of definitions
Hypogene Cave Morphologies. Selected papers and abstracts of the symposium held February 2 through 7, 2014, San Salvador Island, Bahamas. Karst Waters Institute Special Publication 18
Leesburg, Virginia

Existing definitions of the term hypogene karst (hypogene speleogenesis) are not always consistent with the estab­lished meaning of the term hypogene in the Earth Scienc­es. They are commonly biased either toward geochemical or to­ward hydrogeological aspects of the phenomenon. It is proposed that hypogene karst is defined on the basis of the two properties: predominance of the deep-seated sources of aggressiveness of karst water, independent of the environment at the overlying or immediately adjacent surface; and recharge of soluble formation from below, independent of recharge from overlying or immedi­ately adjacent surface

hypogene speleogenesis
Dublyansky, Y.V. , 2014, Hypogene speleogenesis – discussion of definitions , 1 - 3 http://www.karstwaters.org/publications/.php