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Bella P.; Sucha V.; Gaal E.; Kodera P.
Krasova jaskyna prya v stiavnickych vrchoch - hydrotermalna speleogeneza v karbonatovom podlozi miocenneho stratovulkanu
The First Karst Cave in the Stiavnicke vrchy Mts., Central Slovakia - hydrothermal speleogenesis in basement carbonates of the Miocene stratovolcano
Slovensky Kras
Liptovsky Mikulas

A cave of hydrothermal origin in crystalline limestone has been investigated near Sklene Teplice Spa in the Stiavnicke vrchy Mts. located in Central Slovakia. Metamorphozed Middle Triassic carbonate rocks occur as a horizon in pre-volcanic basement of Middle Miocene volcanic formations. The hydrothermal origin of studied cave is documented by spherical and irregural oval phreatic morphology sculptured by ascending thermal water, metamorphic type of the host rocks and their hydrothermal alteration, occurrence of large calcite and quartz crystals, and hydrothermal clays with three mineral smectite-kaolinite, illite and goethite associations. The primary phases of speleogenesis in the crystalline limestones was caused by hydrothermal processes linked either to the emplacement of granodiorite subvolcanic intrusions during the Late Badenian time or to epithermal system of the Late Sarmatian time in the central zone of the Stiavnica stratovolcano. The described cave presents the remarkable' example of hydrothermal limestone cave associated with Miocene volcanism and magmatic intrusions in Central Slovakia.

karst, magmatic intrusion, metamorphic carbonates, hydrothermal cave, phreatic morphology, hydrothermal rock alteration, mineralization, hydrothermal clays, X-ray diffraction analysis, Stiavnicke vrchy Mts., Western Carpathians, hypogene speleogenesis