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Soler I Ortega, Marianna
Dynamics of hydrothermal plumes in lake banyoles

The aim of this thesis is to acquire a better understanding of the dynamics of the hydrothermal plumes in the lake and to gain more insight into the interrelationship between meteorology and fluidization. They have been found the atmospheric patterns that generate the fluidization events, as well as their frequency. This is crucial to determining the water quality of Lake Banyoles. They have been found spatial inhomogeneities of the chronic thermal plume found in B1 and of the episodic thermal plume in B2. The structure of thermal plume in B2 has been characterized and compared to the plume developed in B1. Finally, it has been used a numerical model: MIT General Circulation Model. It has been necessary to modify the boundary conditions moving the buoyancy source from the top of the water surface to the bottom. Results have been compared to experimental data undertaken from the field campaigns.

hydrothermal plumes
Soler I Ortega, Marianna, 2008, Dynamics of hydrothermal plumes in lake banyoles , 0 - 0 http://www.tdx.cat/handle/10803/7917