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Whitehead, R.
Water tracing experiments in the peak district: a study of the drainage of the bradwell-eyam-stoney middleton area, derbyshire, uk. Msc thesis

This project describes the current knowledge of the drainage in an area in the northeast of the English Peak District ranging from Bradwell in the north to Stoney Middleton in the east. Previous work is summarised and the natural and artificial drainage of the area are considered. A series of water tracing experiments were conducted using fluorescent dyes with the aim of determining the direction, speed and nature of drainage from four previously untraced stream sinks. These sinks were thought to be situated close to the basin margins, which separate drainage to the Bradwell catchment in the north from easterly drainage to Stoney Middleton and southerly drainage towards the Wye Valley. The dye tracing experiments added to knowledge of the locations of these boundaries and highlighted the complexity of the drainage in the area. The results are interpreted with reference to previous work, and information on the geology, climate and hydrology of the area is used to put the results in context.

Bradwell-Eyam-Stoney Middleton area, Derbyshire, water tracing, geology, climate, hydrology