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Bosã¡K, P.; Bella, P.
Ascending speleogenesis in the czech republic and slovakia
21th International Karstological School “Classical Karst”
Postojna, Slovenia

Several examples of per ascensum (ascending) speleogenesis along deep faults (cf. also were recently described by Bella & Bosák (2012). The concept of ascending speleogenesis in confined or partly confined conditions connected with deep regional fault was proposed, for the first time on the territory of the past Czechoslovakia, by Bosák (1996, 1997) for the origin of the KonÄ›pruské Caves and some other caves in the KonÄ›prusy Devonian (central Bohemia, Czech Republic). Since that time, number of caves with similar speleogenesis has been studied in more of lesser detail. Most of them were originally described as products of phreatic, epiphreatic and vadose speleogenesis related to the evolution of local water courses, valley incision and river terrace systems usually during Middle to Late Pleistocene climatic changes; eventually with Plio-Quaternary climatic oscillations.

Czech Republic; Slovakia; speleogenesis
Bosã¡K, P.; Bella, P., 2013, Ascending speleogenesis in the czech republic and slovakia , 59 - 67