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Original article
Steinwender, C; Plan, L.
Kontaktkarst im bereich murursprung-rosskar (lungau, salzburg)
Contact karst in the Murursprung- Rosskar area (Lungau, Salzburg)
The karst morphology of the high-alpine area east of the Mur spring (Province of Salzburg, Austria) was studied. Various surface karst features and seven new caves were documented. The 10 to 50 m thick carbonate sequence at the Mur spring is part of the Mesozoic Silbereck Marble Group which stretches along the northern margin of the Tauern-Window. Differences in the dipping of the strata with respect to the slope result in two different appearances of the karst on both sides of the Rosskar fault: carbonate rocks east of the fault are widely exposed and autogenic recharge is dominant. West of the fault the narrow marble band is mainly recharged by allogenic waters (stripe karst). Intense karstification is visible in both allogenically and autogenically fed areas. Waters infiltrating in the higher lying catchment suggest a single hydrologic system between the Frauennock and the Mur spring. Despite the small thickness of the carbonates remarkable caves exist and a total length of 337 m was surveyed. More than 150 dolines as well as other karst features including karren and ponors were mapped.
Steinwender, C; Plan, L., 2011, Kontaktkarst im bereich murursprung-rosskar (lungau, salzburg) , Die Hoehle , 62 , 15 - 26