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Anthony, Darlene M.
White, William B.; Culver, David C.
Multilevel caves and landscape evolution
Encyclopedia of Caves

Multilevel caves are formed by periods of water table stability punctuated by changes in the position of the water table. These cave systems are hydrologically linked to regional rivers and can be used to date episodes of river stability and incision. The measurement of cosmogenic radioisotopes in cave sediments yields a burial age for the sediment, which in turn equates to the time of passage abandonment due to water-table lowering. Karst geomorphologists and others are using burial dates from multilevel caves to calculate Plio-Pleistocene rates of river incision, tectonic uplift, and erosion in various parts of the world.

cave level; cosmogenic nuclide; river incision; erosion rate; tectonic uplift
Anthony, Darlene M., 2012, Multilevel caves and landscape evolution , 528 - 531 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780123838322000761, PDF