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Potleca; Michele
Grotta Continua Trieste
La voragine di piano macchi - under �no man"s land�

Mount Pal Piccolo overlooks the pass of Monte Croce Carnico (Friuli Venezia Giulia - Udine) and is located in an interesting and troubled area of the Carnic Alps on the border between Italy and Austria. During World War One (1915–1918) this place witnessed bitter fightings, but nowdays this place lies in peace and the only witness of the past tragedies is an outdoor museum. A place where, walking along the trail of the Alta via Carnica, one remains fascinated by the variety and beauty of the sorrounding landscapes. Geologically speaking, it is a complex area made of tormented ancient limestone rocks. It is within this microcosm that we discovered and mapped a kilometer of new galleries belonging to an old chasm “Voragine del Piano Macchi”, which for decades was thought to have vanished. This old chasm opens in the middle of what in 1915-1918 was the “no man's land” between the barbedwired Italian and Austro-Hungarian front lines…… 160 pages - More than 120 color photos - Historical and geological references - The speleological history of the area - Plan and section of the cave - Diagrams of development - Description of the cave - Images and historical maps - Geological map - Diary of exploration

Italy; Vorgine;alpi; carnia; Timau; Paluzza; Udine; mountain; exploration; photo; friuli; Alps; karst; Europe; ww; War
Potleca; Michele, 2012, La voragine di piano macchi - under �no man"s land� , Aapg Bulletin , 1 - 160 http://www.blurb.com/b/3985423-la-voragine-di-piano-macchi