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Cigna, Arrigo A.
White, William B.; Culver, David C.
Show caves
Encyclopedia of Caves

Show caves are caves that have been developed for visitation by the general public, usually with payment of a fee. Show cave development requires the construction of stairs and trails and the installation of lighting. Properly done, show caves can also serve a conservation role. Care must be taken to avoid excessive heat load on the cave due to both lighting and visitors. Lighting should be constructed to avoid moss, algal, and other plant growth (lampenflora). Trails, stairs, and handrails should be constructed from materials that are compatible with the cave environment. Managers and guides must be trained to recognize their roles in both education of the public and preservation of the cave.

show cave; environment; tourists; lampenflora; construction
Cigna, Arrigo A., 2012, Show caves , 690 - 697 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B978012383832200102X, PDF