UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis
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Glossary of Karst and Cave Terms

limestone pavement
1. A level, or gently inclined, bare limestone surface scored and fretted by karren. The stripping of soil or cover rocks to expose the bare rock pavement is a glacial process, and the development of the karren - both the dissolutional enlargement of the joints and also the dissolutional carving of runnels - is largely post-glacial. Limestone pavements are characteristic features of glaciokarst and occur extensively in the north of England, in the Burren of County Clare in Ireland and on many high alpine limestones [9]. 2. A bare plane surface of limestone, parallel to the bedding, commonly divided into blocks (clints, Flachkarren) by solutionally widened joints (grikes, Kluftkarren), and pitted by solution pans [10]. 3. A glaciokarstic landform, produced on a glacially planed limestone surface which has subsequently become dissected into blocks (clints or dalles) by solutionenlargement of vertical joints [19]. 3. Horizontal or sloping platforms of bare limestone whose surface usually coincides with bedding-plane partings of the rock; often eroded into clint and grikes rock forms [20]. Synonyms: (French.) plateforme calcaire; (German.) Kalk Plattform, Limestone Pavement; (Greek.) karstikon lithostroton; (Spanish.) lapiaz entrecruzado; (Turkish.) kirectasi dosemesi. See also clints; grikes; Karrenfeld.