UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis
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Glossary of Karst and Cave Terms

1. Nearly circular shaft rising upwards from the ceiling of a cave towards the surface of the ground; if it does not reach the surface it is termed a blind chimney. If the chimney is formed mainly by solution, it is related to a domepit; if formed mainly by collapse of the roof along bedding planes, it is related to cenote [20]. 2. A narrow vertical shaft in the roof of a cave, generally smaller than an aven; a dome pit [10]. Synonyms: (French.) cheminee (aven); (German.) Schlot, Kamin; (Greek.) kapnothochos; (Italian.) camino; (Russian.) truba; (Spanish.) chimenea; (Turkish.) baca; (Yugoslavian.) dimnjak.