UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

Dear colleague,

If you have missed a call for papers for a special collection (issue) of the journal “Frontiers in Earth Science” titled “Advances and Frontiers in Hypogene Karst Studies”, it is still possible to join a group of 31 authors who have already expressed their willingness to contribute.

This Frontier’s Research Topic is hosted by Dr(s) Alexander Klimchouk (Ukraine), Yuri Dublyansky (Austria), and Cathy Hollis (United Kingdom). For more information on the article collection, please visit the dedicated webpage.

It is still more than two months left until the submission deadline (25 September 2020). Now, you may indicate your intention to contribute as an author (follow the respective link on the Research Topic page) or/and submit an abstract for your intended article, for initial approval by the Topic Editors. This is not compulsory but is very helpful in enabling a strong overview for the Editors, and to ensure that your contribution fits within the scope of the collection.

Here are quick links to:
- Author guidelines.
- List of article types and publishing fees.

We look forward to receiving your abstract.

Best Regards,

Alexander Klimchouk, Yuri Dublyansky, Cathy Hollis