UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis


The Tourism and Karst Areas Journal (ISSN 1983-473X) is a peer reviewed, scientific and technical journal published by Brazilian Speleological Society since 2008. The Journal publishes articles, reports, technical, theoretical and book reviews, case studies and other relative papers that contribute to the field of planning and management of the tourism, with special emphasis in karst areas or related to the physical environment.

It is the intent of this edition to focus on a broad range of topics that are related to Geoparks, Land Management, Tourism and Karst Areas.


Contributions are welcomed in any of (but not limited to) the following subject areas:

  • Geoparks and Karst Areas
  • Emerging issues in travel and tourism, land management in Protected Areas and Geoparks
  • Human resources in Geoparks
  • Impacts
  • Land Management in Karst areas
  • New perspectives of the travel and tourism management in Geoparks
  • Strategic management of travel and tourism services in karst areas
  • Sustainable tourism planning and development
  • Tourism research issues or cases in Geoparks

All proposed paper presentations must be submitted according to the selection process. All submitted papers must represent original research that has not been published in any journal.


   1.  Electronic submissions are required. A file (only Microsoft Word file allowed) for each submission must be sent to the Paper Review Chairs, Jasmine Cardozo Moreira e Carlos Neto de Carvalho <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>, no later than the deadline indicated below. In the subject area of the e-mail, please type " Tourism and Karst Areas manuscript submission." The body of the e-mail should clearly include the following information:

  • Title of the paper
  • The list of authors and respective affiliations with the lead author first
  • The contact author for the submission (e-mail and telephone number)


May, 15: All submissions are due (as electronic attachments via email) for double-blind reviews by the Paper Review Committee.

June, 31: Notification of review results (Acceptance or Rejection).

July, 20: Authors of all accepted articles must submit their reviewed documents

August: The magazine will be available.


Any inquiries about the paper submission or review should be addressed to the Paper Review Chair below:

Jasmine Cardozo Moreira – Ponta Grossa State University (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Carlos Neto de Carvalho – Naturtejo Global Geopark (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


General guidelines for submitting papers

  • Papers Will be accepted in English;
  • The length of the text is limited to 10,000 words or 30 pages, including references, images, tables and annexes;
  • The article must be written in A4 sheet, with margins set to 2cm for all sides; line spacing should be 1,5 in the pre-text and text; spacing should be simple in the references;
  • The font size and style must be Arial 12, except in long citations, footnotes and table/figure titles, which must be writing with font 10.
  • Paragraph should be at 1,2 cm from the left margin;
  • The titles from the article, tables and figures must be centralized. In the rest of the text, the paragraph must be justified. The sections must be numbered from the Introduction;
  • The text must be composed, basically, by the following elements: Title, abstract, keywords, introduction, development (which can be divided and must present methodology, results and discussions) and conclusions;
  • Tables and figures must be referenced in the text and numbered according its sequence. Tables should have its title located in the superior portion and figures in the bottom portion;
  • Pictures, figures and maps must be sent in *.jpeg extension, with 300 dpi. It must be inserted in the text and also sent a part of it;
  • All internet addresses must be active (ex.: http://www.cavernas.org.br);

Citations must obey the following patterns:

  1. One author: Karmann (1994)
  2. Two authors: Hill; Forti (1997)
  3. Three or more authors: Pulido-Bosch et al. (1994)

References must obey the following examples:


One author:

MARRA, R.J.C. Espeleo Turismo: Planejamento e Manejo de Cavernas. Brasilia: WD Ambiental, 2001. 224 p.

Book chapter:

LABEGALINI, J.A.; AULER, A. Caverna Santana. In: HILL, C.A.; FORTI, P. Cave Minerals of the World. Huntsville: NSS, 1997. p.340-342.

Journal articles:

VILLAR, E; BONET, A.; DIAZ-CANEJA,, B.; FERNANDEZ, P.L.; GUTIERREZ, I.; QUINDOS, L.S.; SOLANA, J.R.; SOTO, J. Ambient temperature variations in the hall of paintings of Altamira cave due to the presence of visitors. Cave Science, v.11, n.2, p.99-104, 1984.

Articles in conference proceedings:

Two or more authors:

ROCHA, B.N.; LONGHITANO, G.A.; ANGELO FURLAN, S. Levantamento climatico-faunistico

preliminar da gruta Colorida do Parque Estadual de Intervales, SP. In: RASTEIRO, M.A.; Guidelines: Espeleo-Tema / Turismo e Paisagens Cársticas www.cavernas.org.br 2

SILVA, L.A. da.; LEVY, M. de O.P.; LUCON, T.N.; RENO, R. (Eds). CONGRESSO

BRASILEIRO DE ESPELEOLOGIA, 29, Ouro Preto.  Anais. Ouro Preto: SBE/SEE, 2007. p.243-246.

Thesis, Dissertations and monographs:

SPOLADORE, A.  A geologia e a geoespeleologia como instrumento de planejamento para o desenvolvimento do turismo  - o caso de Sao Geronimo da Serra/PR. 2006. 303 p. Tese (Doutorado em Geociencias e Meio Ambiente), Instituto de Geociencias e Ciencias Exatas, Universidade Estadual Paulista. Rio Claro.

Other publications (reports, essays, ect):

IGC  - INSTITUTO DE GEOCIENCIAS DA USP.  Mapa da caverna de Santana. Sao Paulo: IGc/USP, 1991. 1 mapa. Escala 1:500.

MARINHO, M. de A. (Coord.) Projeto “plano de uso recreativo do PETAR, iporanga e Apiai/SP”.Sao Paulo: WWF/Ing_Ong, 2002. 94p.

Electronic pages:

SBE. Cadastro nacional de cavernas do Brasil (CNC). Campinas: SBE, 2010. Disponivel em: <http://www.cavernas.org.br>. Acesso em: 4 jun. 2010.

Confidential or inaccessible documents (reports and others) must not be cited.

Instructions for submitting the manuscripts

The electronic file must be subdivided according to the following format:

1. Title page:

a) title and sub-title of the paper;

b) author’s name, with academic title, their affiliation and e-mail addresses;

2. The paper to be evaluated, from the second Page without identification.