UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

Helictite volume 41 is now published (May 1912)

This is a 96 page Special Issue dealing with the Judbarra/Gregory Karst in the monsoon tropics of northern Australia, which hosts the 120 km Bullita Cave - a shallow epikarstic maze system.  Other maze caves in the area bring the total explored passage length for the area to ~220 km.

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Details of Volume 41 follow (the links are to the small versions)...

Grimes, K.G. 2012: Introduction: The Judbarra/Gregory Karst. Helictite, 41: 1-3. 

Grimes, K.G. 2012a: Surface karst features of the Judbarra/Gregory Karst, Northern Territory, Australia. Helictite, 41: 15-36.

Grimes, K.G. 2012b: Karst and paleokarst features in sandstones of the Judbarra/Gregory National Park, Northern Territory, Australia. Helictite, 41: 67-73.

Kershaw, R. 2012: A History of Cave Exploration in the Judbarra/Gregory National Park. Helictite, 41: 5-14.

Kershaw, R., 2012:  Managing the Survey Information of the Caves of Judbarra/Gregory National Park, Northern Territory.  Helictite, 41: 87-94.

Martini, JEJ. & Grimes, KG. 2012:  Epikarstic Maze Cave Development: Bullita Cave System, Judbarra/Gregory Karst, Tropical Australia. Helictite, 41: 37-66.

Moulds, T., & Bannink, P. 2012:  Preliminary notes on the Cavernicolous Arthropod Fauna of Bullita Karst Area, northern Australia.  Helictite, 41: 75-85.

Ken Grimes