UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

The France HABE Prize is awarded by the Department of Karst and the Cave Protection of the International Union of Speleology (UIS).
Its purpose is to promote the protection of karst and caves for generations to come. Their natural legacy are proven sources of increasingly rich information about the history of our planet and humanity, enabling people to act more thoughtfully, efficiently, and sustainably for the future of our environment. The prize is named in memory and honor of Dr. France HABE (…10/12/1999) of Slovenia (Yugoslavia), who among his other many accomplishments served as President of the UIS Protection Department (1973-1997).

Five submissions were received on time from the Caribbean, Italy, Spain and USA. They concern the recovery of degraded caves and their protection, the comprehensive and durable management of caves, and cave documentation project in the protection service.


The Jury of the France Habe Prize 2019 was composed by two members of the Scientific Committee of the UIS Department of Karst and Cave Protection and its President. They noted each submission following an evaluation frame about presentation, compilation, photography, scientific content, legibility and original point of view. They decided unanimously to attribute the France Habe Prize 2019, an amount of € 250, to the best and more original contribution.

The winner 2019 is Guglielmo RONAGHI from Italy for his project “Light in the Dark” about Remeron Cave.

The Jury congratulates the four others participants for their investment in the karst and cave protection.

Information about the France Habe Prize for 2020 will be spread very soon.

Jean-Pierre Bartholeyns
Union Internationale de Spéléologie
Karst and Cave Protection Commission