UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

On Thursday October 2, 2014 the membership in the Speleogenesis Network has reached 1000 ! The lucky registration was by Jim Goodbar of US, - welcome, and congratulations!

The membership has grown in 300 in two years (since August 2012). We have quite steady growth rate during last five years (about 150 new members in a year), - a good indicator that the Speleogenesis site, jointly operated by the UIS KHS Commission and the IAH Karst Commission, successfully performs its role in fostering the development of karst and cave science, and international cooperation and information exchange in these fields. By the way, the Speleogenesis members comprise the largest international network in the field of karstology and geospeleology.

Please, remember that as a member of the Speleogenesis Network you can contribute bibliography entries to KarstBase, post your blog articles, news, announces, events, and more in the Speleogenesis website. For your convenience, access to most of these features is assembled in your Member Area (you'll have to log in to access the Member Area).


There you can manage your account details and public page, publish your CV and more. I would strongly encourage those members who registered without indicating personal details such as affiliation, position, branch, research interests, etc. – to update and enrich your profile at least with these basic data. Just click “Account details” link in your Member Area and update the form.   

On the name of the UIS KHS Commission, I sincerely thank all Speleogenesis Members for your support and cooperation.

Best wishes!

Dr. Alexander Klimchouk,
President, UIS KHS Commission