UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

The Karst Waters Institute is hosting a conference titled: Carbonate Geochemistry: Reactions and Processes in Aquifers and Reservoirs.

The conference will be held in August 6-11, 2011 in Billings, Montana USA. The purpose of the meeting is to bring both academics and industry scientists together to discuss issues related to the complexities of porosity and permeability within carbonate rocks. We anticipate this meeting will bridge gaps in understanding the dynamic relationship between carbonate rocks and their response to fluid flow and migration, and produce discussions and dialogues we hope will continue for years to come.

Oral presentations are by invitation only and a partial list of confirmed speakers include:

Will White (Penn State)
Hans Machel (U Alberta)
John Mylroie (Miss State)
Toni Simo (ExxonMobil)
Maria Mutti (U Potsdam)
Gene Rankey (Kansas)
Laura Crossey (U New Mexico)
Bob Goldstein (U Kansas)
W Langhorne Smith (New York State Geo Survey)
Marco Menichetti (U Urbino)
Gregor Eberli (U Miami)
Charles Kerans (BEG)
Jerry Lucia (BEG)
Franci Gabrovsek (Karst Research Institute, Slovenia)
Ernie Anderson (USGS)
Brian Katz (USGS)
Dave Budd (UC-Boulder)
Calvin Alexander (U Minn)
Dan Doctor (USGS)
Ronald Green (SWRI)
John Jenson (U Guam)
Miryam Bar-Matthews (Israeli Geo Survey)
Geary Schindel (EAA)
Paul Wright (BG)
Pavel Bosak (Czech Academy of Sciences)
Corinne Wong (UT-Austin)
Penny Boston (New Mexico Tech.)

The link to the conference webpage and registration can be found here: