UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

In the period of August 5 – September 3, 2009, the Ukrainian Speleological Association have conducted the next regular expedition of the project to continue exploration of Krubera (Voronja) Cave and other caves of the Ortobalagan Valley in the Arabika Massif (Western Caucasus).


The group of 5 cavers led by Yury Kasyan continued exporing the Nekujbyshevskaya Branch in Krubera, following the achievements of recent years there. Nekujbyshevskaya is a distinct branch that diverges from the main one at -250 m and stretches to the north-west, in the direction opposite to the overall trend of the Main Branch. Starting from the depth of about -750 m, the Nekujbyshevskaya Branch turns to south-east and stretches toward the deep section of the Main Branch. In 2009, the Ukr.S.A. expedition has reached depth of -1557 m in the Nekujbyshevskaya part.

After passing a 2-m long sifon that terminated exploration in 2009, the group has pushed the cave for 140 vertical meters, to a next (narrow) sifon. This has increased depth of the Nekujbyshevskaya Branch to -1697 m. The group has also discovered and mapped two new passages at the level of about -1300 m, adding almost 300 m to lenght.

The total length of the Krubera Cave became 16,058 km. Depth remains at -2191 m, as established by a 46 m deep dive in the terminal siphon in the Main Branch performed during the 2007 Ukr.S.A. expedition.

Another group, led by Nikolay Solovjev, worked on resurveying and further exploring of the nearby Arabikskaya System (-1100 m).

Revised profile and plan of Krubera can be viewed at:


An updated 3-D outline model of Krubera Cave can be viewed here:

Alexander Klimchouk