UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

I’m delighted to announce the recent issue of  Grottes et karsts de France (Caves and karsts in France).

More than 100 contributors have provided over 166 accounts, gathered together in a 360 page book. 
The first section of the book deals with thematic topics and the second gives an overview of the main French karst areas with major cave systems. Each account is designed to present a synthesis of the fundamental aspects of French karst topography, inform the reader of cutting-edge research, and give significant references.
The book provides you with essential information enabling you to discover major French karst regions (including those found in overseas territories in the Indian Ocean and on the Antarctic Islands!) It also presents state of the art thematic research.
Though written in French, the more than 600 color illustrations (photos, cave surveys, sketches…) give an easily understandable and astonishing picture of the French karst landscapes and cave systems.
Below, you will find the announcement of the book's publication with an order form. Kindly inform your academic institutions, colleagues, and friends of the book. Order this "must" that the French Cave and Karst community has overwhelmingly adopted! 

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Philippe Audra 

PS: The book is also available at online shops which offer Visa payment: 
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