UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

We are organizing a session at the Fall AGU meeting this year (Dec 14-18) entitled "H44: Advances in the Quantitative Characterization of Karstic and Fractured Aquifers." 

The session is co-sponsored by Near-Earth Geophysics and will accept presentations using both hydrological and geophysical approaches.  We are hoping to bring a stronger karst presence to AGU, and in fact there is another karst-themed session this year (H42: Non-Darcian Flow in Porous Media).  The deadline for the submission of abstracts is September 3.  The session description is below, and you can find out more information about the meeting at:

We encourage you to submit your recent work to this session.  Feel free to forward this announcement on to other potential presenters. 
Matt Covington
Dan Doctor
H44: Advances in the Quantitative Characterization of Karstic and Fractured Aquifers
In karstic and fractured aquifers, reducing uncertainty concerning the location and characteristics of preferred flow paths requires a variety of complementary approaches, including high-frequency field measurements of flow and hydraulic heads, geologic mapping, tracer applications, and geophysical techniques. This session accepts presentations that highlight (1) quantitative metrics for understanding the relations between aquifer geometry and discharge, (2) advances in statistical and deterministic modeling that combine geologic and hydrologic data, and (3) geophysical techniques for detecting zones of enhanced permeability. Focus will be on relating the responses of the system to transient boundary conditions and how they yield insight into system geometry within the constraints of a geologic framework.
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