UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

 The International Journal of Speleology is happy to inform that two articles of the Special Issue (37(3)) directed by Dominique Genty, to be out in October 2008, are already available online at the website www.ijs.speleo.it:

Report of a three-year monitoring programme at Heshang Cave, Central China

Chaoyong Hu  -  Gideon M. Henderson  -  Junhua Huang  -  Zhenghong Chen  -  Kathleen R. Johnson.
The environmental features of the Monte Corchia cave system (Apuan Alps, central Italy) and their effects on speleothems growth

Leonardo Piccini  -  G. Zanchetta  -  R.N. Drysdale  -  J. Hellstrom  -  I. Isola  -  A.E. Fallick  -  G. Leone  -  M. Doveri  -  M. Mussi  -  F. Mantelli  -  G. Molli  -  L. Lotti  -  A. Roncioni  -  E. Regattieri  -  M. Meccheri  -  L. Vaselli.
We have several other articles in progress and these also will be posted on the website very soon.

I also remind you that this extra issue (the 3rd this year) is published thanks to the great financial support of many persons and institutions. See website for details.
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