UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

I  am  very  sad  to report that Prof. Viktor Dublyansky, 82, passed away on Saturday,  September  22,  2012  in  Sankt  Petersburg, Russia. He was seriously ill during last few years.

Professor   Dr.  Victor  Dublyansky  is  regarded  as  a  founder  of Speleology  in  the  ex-Soviet  Union  as he had played one of the key roles  (together  with  Dr. Boris Ivanov and Dr. Vladimir Ilyukhin) in the  formation of organized speleological activity in the end of 50s - beginning  of  60s. He made an immense contribution to the development and  promotion  of  speleology, both  as  a science and as a specific social  movement,  and also  to  the  development  of  karst science, particularly karst hydrogeology.

Victor Dublyansky worked as a researcher and senior researcher in the Institute of Mineral Resources at Simferopol, Crimea (Ukraine) in 1957-1978 and then as a professor at the Simferopol State University (1978-1997).  In  1997  he  moved  to  Perm,  Russia,  where  he was a Professor  and  the  Engineering  Geology Department chair at the Perm University. He retired in 2008 and moved to Sankt Petersburg in 2009.

Viktor  Dublyansky  studied  caves  and  karst  in many regions of the former  Soviet Union and led numerous research expeditions. He visited karst regions  in many Eastern European countries, Canada and USA. He authored and co-authored more than 500 scientific papers and 18 books. His   numerous   honors   and   awards   include:  6th  International Speleological Congress Award (1974), Honorary Member of the Ukrainian Speleological  Association  (1992),  Emeritus Scientist  of  Ukraine (1993),  A.I.Morozov's  Medal  (2001), Honorary Member of the Russian Geographical  Society, awards of the Bulgarian Speleological Society, the Crimean government, government of the Perm region, etc.

Prof.  Viktor Dublyansky was a dedicated cave explorer, an outstanding cave  and  karst  scientist, a great mentor and a great person.  He is survived  by  his  wife  Galina Dublyanskaya  and  two  sons,  Andrey Dublyansky  of  Simferopol and Yuri Dublyansky of Innsbruck, Austria. His family and many people around the world will miss him.

Alexander Klimchouk
Ukrainian Speleological Association
Ukrainian Institute of Speleology and Karstology