UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

The HypoKarst project is an international effort to coordinate and promote hypogene karst and speleogenesis research. The main objective is to advance our understanding of solution conduit and void development in those parts of the sedimentary cover that lie below the domain of shallow unconfined groundwater flow systems.

Initiated and briefly announced in 2007, HypoKarst has been shaped as a coherent project proposal only recently. It is one of core projects of the UIS Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis Commission. Also, the Hypokarst Project succeeds the activity of the UIS Working Group on Hydrothermal Karst, which is suggested to merge with the KHS Commission. The reason for the latter is that hydrothermal karst is now recognized to be a variant of a broader speleogenetic family of hypogene karst, so that it ought to be approached from this common genetic ground.

One of the HypoKarst objectives is to identify and develop common Subject Areas in the field of hypogene karst studies, to ensure that important scientific questions are addressed in a coherent manner.

Further details of the proposal can be seen here.

All interested cave and karst scholars can participate to the project.
Please, note that registration with HypoKarst will be possible starting from July 1st, after completion of some necessary technical changes in the Speleogenesis website. We'll distribute an additional invitation when registration is open.

With this announcement we invite comments and suggestions on the posted proposal. 

Hoping sincerely for your cooperation,

Alexander Klimchouk (klim[at]speleogenesis.info) and Yury Dublyansky (kyoto_yuri[at]mail.ru),
HypoKarst co-ordinators