UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

The International Workshop on Ice Caves (IWIC) is a series of workshops devoted entirely to ice cave research. IWIC is the only conference focused on state-of-the-art in ice cave research, where international experts discuss ongoing research efforts and promote global cooperation in ice cave science and management. These meetings have happened every year since 2004, and all in Europe. The next IWIC, IWIC-VI, will be held next year on 17-22 August 2014 in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA.

For Europeans this will be the first opportunity to see cave ice in a completely different setting—lava tubes! For North Americans and many others, this is an excellent opportunity to meet with the world’s leading cave ice experts. Major themes of IWIC-VI include:

  • Cave glaciology and ice dynamics
  • Cave meteorology and climatology
  • Cryo-mineralogy and cryo-crystallography
  • Paleoclimatology and global change
  • Chemistry and geochemistry of ice caves
  • Ice cave management and technology

In fact, IWIC-VI welcomes papers on any topic involving cave ice.

IWIC is a conference of the Glacier, Firn, and Ice Caves Commission of the International Union of Speleology, and IWIC-VI is being hosted by the National Cave and Karst Research Institute of the USA.

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