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Karst & Cave related events and meetings

18th International Congress of Speleology

18th International Congress of Speleology is not just about caves, it is also a great fun! The entertainment program will be fabulous!

Sunday, July 25 12h. Opening the congress, flag-raising concert
  6 p.m. Opening night, aperitif, fanfare, music with the Fanfare des Pavés
Monday, July 26 8 p.m. Rock concert evening with Liam Duo
Tuesday, July 27 8 p.m. Gypsy jazz concert evening with Caranouche
Wednesday, July 28 8 p.m. String show with the company Lez Arts Cordés
Thursday, July 29 8 p.m. Rock concert with Six Tease and the Rockets
Friday, July 30 8 p.m. Screenings / films evening
  23h. DJ night
Saturday, July 31 7 p.m. Great gala evening
  23h. DJ Dancing
Excursions during 18th International Congress of Speleology in France

There will be many fantastic excursions. Hurry up to book your ticket! Follow this link to book.

1. Caves of Cerdon + Caves of La Balme

Grottes du Cerdon  + Grottes de La Balme

Beautiful area in Southern Jura. This is an outstanding caving attraction. There are two famous tourist caves. The Saint-Julien cave has been available for public since 1930s. Temperature inside is between 0 and 14 °. The cave of Labalme was visited by King François. There is a siphon that was once a cave diving record. More info on this website.

Message from the conference orginising commetee:

Dear Friends, As you are no doubt aware, the COVID-19 virus is spreading around the world. Increasing numbers of restrictions are being placed on travel by governments, employers, and industry to reduce the spread of the virus. As a result, it is not possible to conduct the 16th Multidisciplinary Conference on Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst (more commonly called The Sinkhole Conference) as originally planned for next month from 20-24 April 2020 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. However, we have arranged with our partners and hotel to reschedule it for 12-16 April 2021.

We have selected April 2021 as the most assured date when the conference can be held with minimal health risks associated with the COVID-19 virus, while meeting our logistical obligations to our participants and partners. This later date also avoids conflict with other conferences scheduled at the end of this year that many of you are already planning to attend.

The message from the ERIS 100 Organizing Committee

ERIS 100 Postponed to 2021March 31, 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Following a thorough consultation with the Romanian Academy under whose aegis we operate, as well as with our key stakeholders, we regretfully have to announce that ERIS 100 - The 1st International Karst Science Forum to be held in Bucharest, Romania, in June 2020, will be postponed to 2021.

Having spent the past nine months planning the Forum with our organizing committee, keynote speakers, participants, and event partners, we are sincerely disappointed not to be able to greet you in Bucharest, in June. However, we live in unprecedented times when health and human life take absolute priority, and staging a scientific event of any kind is neither possible nor advisable.

We will also work to refund all registration fees as soon as possible, but please note that our administration is currently working at minimum capacity and so this may take some time. All abstracts will be withdrawn to allow for new or updated submissions in the second half of this year, as we will know more about ERIS 100 Forum 2021 structure. To stay informed on developments, please sign up to the ERIS 100 Forum mailing list here or follow the news on the website. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Please pay attention to best practices during these stressful times, and stay healthy and safe.

With warmest regards,
The ERIS 100 Organizing Committee