UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

You might have wondered how to find data on caves? How to connect the caves to the documents that speak of them? How to create links between scientific observations, the measurements made by the sensors and the cavities in which these observations were made? How to share data between databases that have been designed independently of each other? How to apply one query to a group?

If you are interested in these important question, you may want to get involved with KarstLink Subcommission of the International Union of Speleology. Its website has been updated and offers a lot of information and opportunities. For more details:

English: http://uisic.uis-speleo.org/exchange/karstlink/index-en.html
French: http://uisic.uis-speleo.org/exchange/karstlink/index-fr.html