UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis

Currently, the Indonesian cavers running the mini project to show the distribution of caves in Indonesian karst. The project, so called CavesID, is a voluntary project gathering all the information about the caves in Indonesia.

About 900 caves have been put in the map and all of the caves records are derived from the speleological expedition in Indonesia both foreign and Indonesian cavers.

For those who interested to visit or to contribute to our mini Project CavesID please visit our websites; CavesID or Indonesia CavesID

www.caves.or.id or www.peta.caves.or.id 

For contact address;

Dr. Cahyo Rahmadi (Researcher at Indonesian Institute of Sciences)

Email: cahyo.rahmadi[at]gmail.com

or the gatekeeper of the CavesID Website

Imron Fauzi imronfauzi[at]gmail.com or A.B. Rodhial Falah abhecaver[at]gmail.com