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Lauritzen Stein-Erik
Filippi M., Bosák P.
Paragenesis: the “royal mark” of subglacial speleogenesis
Proceedings of the 16th International Congress of Speleology, July 21–28, Brno


Paragenesis results in characteristic speleogens that are found in caves developed under most climatic regimes. However, being a result of sediment excess in the karst conveyor system, it is also a characteristic of the glacier ice-contact (i.e. subglacial) regime. In this case, paragenetic galleries and passage half-tubes may be regarded as a continuation of subglacial esker systems. A unique feature of subglacial speleogenesis – and subglacial paragenesis – is topographically reversed flow from englacial hydraulic gradients superimposed onto adjacent karst.

Paragenesis; subglacial speleogenesis
Lauritzen Stein-Erik, 2013, Paragenesis: the “royal mark” of subglacial speleogenesis , 3 , 366 - 367