Glossary of Karst and Cave Terms

1. Karst area with little or no surface runoff or streams; it is underlain by thick carbonate rocks and is characterized by well developed karst surface topography from karren to poljes, extensive subsurface karst features like caves, caverns, galleries, chimneys, etc [20]. 2. Cvijic's term for a karst area like that of the Dinaric Karst of Slovenia. Such areas have bare surfaces on thick deposits of limestone that extend below sea level, well developed karren, dolines, uvalas, poljes, deep ponors, and extensive cave systems; they have little or no surface drainage [10]. Synonyms: (French.) holokarst; (German.) Holokarst; (Greek.) holokarst; (Italian.) olocarsismo, carsismo, maturo; (Spanish.) holokarst; (Turkish.) tam karst; (Yugoslavian.) potpuni krs (kras), holokarst. Contrast causse, merokarst.