Andrea Columbu informs about speleogenesis session during the EGU General Assembly in Vienna, 2020. Session GM13.1: Caves: genesis and evolution through time Conveners: Andrea Columbu, Carlos Perez, Laura Sanna Karst systems are complex subterraneous landscapes, and their comprehensions require a multidisciplinary approach. Indeed, speleogenesis is controlled by multiple factors such as nature of the bedrock, tectonic, hydrology, geochemistry, biochemistry and climate. All these (and others) elements interact through time, and constraining the geochronology of cave evolution, from the "inception horizon" to the actual status, is often challenging. Furthermore, underground voids might be the result of diverse geomorphological drivers (vadose vs phreatic flows, epigenic vs hypogenic conditions, hydrothermal waters, sulphuric fluids, water mixing, condensation/corrosion, etc) resulting in an array of different shapes and geochemical signatures that need to be correctly interpreted in order to define the genetic environments. This session aims to novel studies on speleogenesis, with a particular attention on its geochronological aspect. Multidisciplinary approaches and innovative techniques are strongly welcomed. Abstract submission here

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Abstract Deadline Soon for International Workshop on Ice Caves: Slovakia

January 26, 2020 Events and meetings News Manager
Dear Friends, Just a brief reminder that the deadline for submitting abstract for the next International Workshop on Ice Caves (IWIC) is approaching (January 31). This IWIC will be held with the Slovak Caves Administration’s 12th Scientific…

Karst Opportunities at the North-Central Geological Society of America Meeting: Minnesota, USA

January 26, 2020 Events and meetings News Manager
The next North-Central Geological Society of America Meeting will occur in Duluth, Minnesota, USA, on May 18-19, 2020. Karst will be well represented at the meeting with two technical sessions: T27) The Hydrogeology of Fracture and Karst Bedrock…

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January 24, 2020

The 16th Sinkhole Conference: Register and Help the People of Puerto Rico!

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As written at the top of this news message, our friends in Puerto Rico have told us that the best way you can help the people of the island recover is go to Puerto Rico. We hope you register for the Sinkhole Conference, not simply because we believe it will be a great experience for you, but also because we truly believe it will help these people who have suffered greatly from natural tragedies over the past few years. If you register now and wish to give a presentation, you still have the opportunity. Sign up for Karst Clips, a lightning talk-style session where you can update everyone on…
January 24, 2020

Call for the 2020 EuroSpeleo Protection Label

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Dear Caving Friends, The European Speleological Federation (FSE) and its European Cave Protection Commission (ECPC) is very pleased to announce the launching of the 2020 Call for the EuroSpeleo Protection Label. Please find enclosed the application form (deadline for applications 15 June 2020). You can also find the application form on the FSE website: The aim of the EuroSpeleo Protection Label is to support active cave protection in the speleo clubs, committees, national commissions,…